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Professional and Safe

Discover the new Feeling with two Wheels. Is like glide or float Not flying but you think that.

The SEGWAY Personal Transporter is the newest Art of Vehicle to transport human’s. Young and Old have the ultimate Fun with an Segway.

The new electrical speedster with hes intuitive Handling and the very easy Operation is ideal for Trips in Groups, with Friends or Family.

Segways overcomes all ways in the City or in the Forrest.

For more than 13 years, start to produce the SEGWAYs in series and convince people around the world since then.

100,000 vehicles are in use every day – ecological and safe. Traditionally, the Security is always capitalized by SEGWAY

The SEGWAYs is steered with the balance of You. Forward, Backward or At the side the Segway reacts immediately and they go so certainly, silently and comfortably like with no other Vehicle.

SEGWAY driving ist very Easy and incomparably nicely.
  • easy Usability .
  • movable on many surfaces
  • versatile application.
  • suitable for all ages.
  • high fun and experience factor .

Bikes on Steroids

Stealth Electric Bikes redefine the experience of the cycling completely new! With a Topspeed of up to 80 km/h and the quietness!

If it is the best and the strongest hybrid electric bike in the whole world.

Stealth Electric Bikes combine the power of an electric motor with the human muscle power, which gives the driver the feeling of freedom like on a bicycle but paired with the Drive, the Speed and the Noise of a Dirtbike

Okay … release the hand brake … you take a step higher and experience the ultimative Bike ever…

Our E-bikes are offered for sale only. Each Stealth-Electric-Bike is a single manufacture and is produced individually!

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1 Hour
Shorttrip in El Gouna
  • 35 €
  • Abu Tig Marina
  • Downtown
  • Golfcourse
  • Tower
  • -
  • -
2 Hours
Ultimate El Gouna Trip
  • 50 €
  • Abu Tig Marina
  • New Marina
  • Downtown
  • Golfcourse
  • Tower
  • Fish Farm


We are available to you with pleasure at any time.

No matter whether you only ask to our offers or make an appointment for an unforgettable SEGWAY – TOUR.

You can reach us by phone or send us an E-Mail. Fillingout the Contactform.

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